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2022-09-12 20:31update dependencies and add MakefileChris Johns3+31-2
2022-04-11 21:18update dependenciesChris Johns2+4-11
2021-09-24 20:34Bump dependencies and Go versionChris Johns2+4-2
2021-05-10 21:17update go.modChris Johns2+2-9
2021-05-10 21:10remove unused funcChris Johns1+0-5
2021-05-10 21:02lots of fixesChris Johns1+26-75
2021-05-10 19:56Add some commentsChris Johns1+4-0
2021-05-10 19:41format readmeChris Johns1+11-4
2021-05-10 19:31fix a few bugsChris Johns4+39-38
2019-02-14 17:27Only wrap html files if they don't contain a <html> tagChris Johns1+45-18
2019-02-13 18:55Initial commitChris Johns6+391-0